At Mindset Rx’d, our mission is to impact the lives of 100,000 functional athletes. At HQ, we realise we can only touch a limited number of athletes. So, to put our system in the lives of the athletes worldwide who deserve it, we have our worldwide affiliates.


Richard Lappin

Portstewart, Northern Ireland

I envisage a future where each person can navigate their own Path to have a Happy, Healthy and Confident life. I love working with Everyday Athletes. Whether that is making the most of each workout in the gym or reaching the highest level of their sport. I look forward to helping those who know there is more possible with the right guidance. Working hard is important, but working on the right things first is the key. I have had the opportunity to stand on shoulders of giants. Let me help you climb up on the right shoulders.



Letitia MacCuspie

Port Lincoln, South Australia, Australia

I have been a CrossFit athlete since 2013 and have progressed to a being coach in that time. I own and run a business with my partner and am a mother to two teenage girls. Mindset Rx'd has helped me immensly in all areas of life and now I'm looking forward to helping all types of athletes progress both in the gym and daily life.



Henry Kharouf

Enschede, Netherlands

I'm a part time coach, part time student and a full time BADASS human being who believes that the human potential is limitless but you have to be willing to do something with it.