This May Sound Arrogant But...

This may sound arrogant, but please understand arrogance isn't the driver of this post.


Right now, I'm in an airport about to fly to two of my own seminars which are both sold out in Germany in The Netherlands.


On the way, I listened back to an episode of my podcast with two thought-leaders who I would never have dreamt of regarding as friends even a year ago.


This week we had the first calls for the Digital Mindset Gym (DMG) crew who are already experiencing massive change in their mindset.


Last week I finished up the second DMG of this year with the results which I can only describe as staggering - the athletes on these courses are well on their way to creating the lives they want to live.


I'm not writing (solely) due to self-interest, but because I remember what it was like to feel like a failure every waking hour of the day.


I remember seriously considering filing for bankruptcy whilst smothered in personal debt.


I remember how my health and athletic ability plummeted how my relationship with my soul mate was pushed to its absolute limit.


And what I feel now is... bliss...fulfilment...gratitude.


With the way I described that though, I misled you a bit.


My sense of achievement and pride was NOT a result of the elements of success I've experienced.


The wins were made possible by mastering my mindset.


By trading expectation for gratitude.


By dropping what was "logically possible"


By realising that our potential (yes that includes you) is limitless.


This wasn't an epiphany or sudden realisation, but a slow process of reminding myself what I've already achieved, hearing my hurtful beliefs then exchanging them for beneficial ones and envisioning what is possible without "logic".


Why mindset?


Because without it,

Fuck all else matters

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