CROSSFITTERS – You Are At War And You Don't Even Realise It

January used to mean one thing for CrossFitters – Open prep. Now however, the popularity of our sport has bought with it the trappings of the mainstream. Popularity means money. Money means losing touch with CrossFit's original intention.


That divergence has already lead to CrossFit being bombarded with unqualified, greedy and ill-educated "coaches" selling their shortcuts to success.


Just as the shake-weight, JuicePlus and detox diet won't make the middle-aged woman slimmer, blog-based training programs, new knee sleeves and web-based nutrition plan aren't going to make you a better CrossFitter.


The blog based program will never attack your weaknesses in the way that YOU need.


The knee sleeves will not make you a better squatter, they'll merely mask the issue.


The nutrition plan won't give you the perfect formula, but it will pretend to.


These "magic solutions" to your problem are people trying to sell you a "what". A "what" will never work for one simple reason: it doesn't care about YOU.


The issue is never a lack of information (what). With our connection to more knowledge than ever before, a lack of information is simply impossible.


Don't get me wrong, the "what" is important, it's just rarely as complex or mystical as some "authorities" would have you believe.


So what is the solution?


The solution partly lies in "how" you apply the information and "why" you are applying it. But in reality the solution lies with "who" you believe yourself to be.




Because let's be honest, you know what to do, you know how to do it and you know why you're doing it e.g.


"I'm using this LAX ball (what) in a slow, controlled approach to target the shitty area of my quad (how) so that I have less knee pain which means I can squat more and get stronger (why)"




"I'm prepping my food now (what), with pots, pans, ingredients and a metric fuck tonne of Tupperware (how) so I can fuel my training and maintain a good weight (why)"


You know all that.


So why the fuck aren't you doing it 3 days after, or a week after you said to yourself "enough is enough, I'm fixing this once and for all"?!


Why do you find yourself in the same frustrating, depressing situation over and over again?


Because it doesn't fit with the athlete you believe you are.


You think you're lazy – you've told yourself that enough times when you've missed sessions or not felt like training haven't you?


You think you don't have enough time – I mean you're not paid a full time salary to compete and you have other commitments – job, partner, friends…


You don't believe you're good enough to be a great athlete anyway do you?


Well I'm here to tell you, you ARE capable of becoming the athlete you want to be. And the thing standing in your way is SIMPLE to change… maybe not easy, but simple.


Begin listening to the things you say to yourself. Most often it sounds like this:


"I don't have the time", "I can't do this", "I bet HE doesn't struggle like this", "why can't this be easy", "when will I ever get better"…


Listen more intently and you'll hear this "I'm not good enough", "I don't deserve it", "I'm destined to fail".


Hear that voice. It's uncomfortable. It's painful to hear.


But know this:




It's NOT true.


It's a lie that you're telling yourself because admitting that it's not true will mean you have to work harder than ever before. Just because you got a glimpse of the truth: