inner athlete performance camp

If You're a Functional Athlete Looking to Push Harder Than Ever Before and Master Your Inner Athlete, the IAPC is for You.


Become The Athlete You've Always Dreamed Of Being...

Hey Athlete,

If you want to:

  • Push harder in WODs…

  • Find the direction in training and competition you’ve been searching for…

  • Feel and perform at your best every single day…

  • And master your Inner Athlete…

Then the Inner Athlete Performance Camp is what you need.

Through over 10,000 hours of coaching group and 1-2-1 training, a lifetime of research and testing, a personal journey which has taken me incredible places, and working with hundreds of athletes on their Inner Athlete, I’ve learned the thing holding you back.

It’s not that you need to train more.

It’s not a nutrition thing.

It’s not that you’re injury prone.

And it’s definitely not because you’re not good enough.

It’s a mindset thing.

You self-sabotage, you hold yourself back from pushing at full intensity and change your goal when you don’t achieve it.

You tell yourself “it’s just who I am”, but the truth is you’ve learned these behaviours.

Just like the athletes you admire, whether they’re standing on the podium at The Games or beside you in your box, have learned the behaviours which have got them there.

Meet Gemma..

This is a typical story of an athlete I worked with, Gemma – her real name… there’s a video of what she had to say about this system to the right too :)

When Gemma first got in touch through a Facebook message, she was struggling to go to “that dark place” as she called it. What’s more, when certain movements cropped up (double unders and toes to bar) she found herself getting frustrated and “losing them”. Sound familiar?

From my point of view, it was plain she was worried about the direction her training was heading in… uncertain and a bit down about it in general.

Fortunately, I have seen this so many times and had the answer to provide her in one of the Inner Athlete Performance Camps I was about to run for her and 7 other athletes.

To cut a very long story short, just 4 weeks into the Inner Athlete Performance Camp, Gemma was making incredible improvements.

She wasn’t struggling with intensity anymore and…you know what – her performance had taken her from one of the, in her words “average” athletes at the box, to matching or beating the performance of the best athletes

…and inspiring other athletes to be just like her.

The main benefit came from mastering her self-talk: the things she was subconsciously saying to herself which were limiting her performance. Because of this, she took complete control of her performance and found the easiest way to push so much harder!

A couple of weeks later, I introduced her to the power of visualisation. I know you probably have reservations about this kind of stuff, but the truth is, it works!

Athletes in all sports use mindset to enhance their performance. From Conor McGregor, Cristiano Ronaldo, Andy Murray and Tom Brady to Sara Sigmundsdottir, Dimitry Klokov, Brent Fikowski, Mat Fraser and Jason Khalipa.

Or take Dave’s Story Below

Or TK’s here…


Or Kela's...

Or Tamara’s…


They (along with everyone else you’ll find at the bottom of this page) have all been through the Inner Athlete Performance Camp.

And they’ve all come out the other side feeling:

  • Mentally Tougher so they perform so much better in WODs

  • More resilient inside and outside of WODs meaning they don’t beat themselves up as much

  • Full of passion and enthusiasm for training meaning they do what they should when they should and stay consistent

  • Happier in life in general (not to be overlooked)

  • On track to hit amazing successes over and over again

  • Full of self-belief and drive

In short, the Inner Athlete Performance Camp gives you a Champ’s Mindset. If you’re seeing this page, I’m taking applications for the Inner Athlete Performance Camp right now.

The camp will be starting within the next 4 weeks.

After that, I don’t know when I will be opening the next one.

Apply now for a place.

"A friend of mine had done some work with Tom and through the way his attitude to training and competing had changed I started following Toms work, then I bought his first book. It impressed me from the outset as here was someone focusing on a part of training and competing that had largely been forgotten about by the vast majority of people (unless competing at the higher echelons of sport).

"Shortly afterwards I got accepted on the second Inner Athlete Performance Camp.

"Over the next 12 weeks everything I thought I wanted and thought I felt changed.

  • Attitude

  • Self talk

  • Decisions

  • Wants

  • Structure

"It all changed, throughout the 3 months my vision of where I'm going also evolved from the hugely over complicated to a very simple and positive vision.

"Embracing hardship has now become my go to rather than avoidance / cherry picking or simply giving up. I now live for intensity and pushing myself way beyond where my mind thought I was capable of going, this has helped not only in training and competition but also in everyday life.

"Through this I have made a series of decisions which I had been yearning to make for years, I have found purpose to what I do and where I want to be in the future.

"Self talk has become less aggressive, less self critical and more stoic and determined. This in itself has resulted in me training to death metal to now training with no music just the accompaniment of my own heart and heavy breathing, the sound of self, training has gone from a battleground to a zen like state where I am privileged and grateful to be able to do what I do.

"I cannot recommend enough the inner athlete program as the sheer volume of evolution of not just my own mindset over the 3 months but that of the others I was in the camp with.

"12 weeks has led to huge changes in a group of already determined people, through Toms work I have witnessed success after success across the entire team.

"12 weeks of achievement

"12 weeks of soul searching

"12 weeks of hardship

"12 weeks of truth.

"I was literally lost prior to this training camp, I'd completely lost my way and the path I was meant to be on.

"The inner athlete performance camp is not only a game changer but a life changer."