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It’s almost immeasurably small; barely perceptible.

So small it’s often overlooked.

The Stuck focus on the tantalising 5, 10 and 20% better. The joy of the unexpected jumps feed into a belief that it’s these which we should strive for.

With 20% better in our sights though, the neglected areas get a percentage worse.

1% better today, tomorrow and the day after that though, means 33% better by Christmas and 365% better by this time next year.

And we all know how quickly next year will be here.

So whilst 1% better today may appear to be a laborious, wearisome process; too long to waste our time with, it’s actually the quickest, most reliable way to success.

The phrase ‘glacial progress’ is misleading. It suggests a pace which will never meet its objective.

Here’s the thing though; ever tried holding a glacier back?

P.s. Did it occur to you that the unpredictable jumps are predicted by 1% every day? Surprise success isn’t surprising after all.


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