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#1 Tip For Negative Self-Talk: Flip Your Negativity To Use It

Your training sessions are unlikely to be perfect.

You probably have to battle away the negative self-talk before a lift.

You probably struggle to stop watching "that other person" and comparing yourself.

You probably wish you were better than you are - and then the internal barrage of negativity would finally stop.

So you spend more time counting your scars (what didn't go well) than your wins.

Here's where you are probably going wrong with your self talk: you're trying to push it away when it needs to be listened to.

Notice, I didn't say "believed".

Inside every negative event is a lesson for you.

Your negative self-talk is a gift: it shows you what you need to work on.

Your comparison is helpful: it highlights your weaknesses (where you feel insecure is likely to be your biggest opportunity for growth)

Your failure is an opportunity: you now have more data to excel in training.

Simply put, you have opportunities to improve everywhere.

This is why we talk about perspective in the Mindset Rx'd Method. A vital skill to learn if you're ready reach your next level is the ability to flip the narrative you tell yourself.

See the opportunity disguised by negativity, and you will grow.

Exclusively focus on what stands in your way and you'll always be stuck.

And talking about opportunities...

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