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A Daily Checklist To Not Waste Your Day

There are 3 daily objectives to build the kind of mindset which allows you to unleash your potential.

1. Challenge yourself 2. Seek wisdom 3. Observe clearly

Challenge yourself. Life isn't meant to be easy; what is meaningful has difficulty built into it. Flow states (when you learn quickest and perform at your best) are found at the limits of your competence. If you want to grow, you need to challenge yourself daily. Push your boundaries. Find your limits.

Seek wisdom. You know nothing, in the grand scheme of things. But collectively, the wisdom of humanity is vast and it's at your disposal. People before you have figured out how you can move forward. Read, listen, learn. Gain wisdom and you will find the answers which allude the ignorant.

Observe clearly. "Success isn't the result of finding new ways to be successful, it's the result of releasing yourself from the reasons you haven't succeeded so far." That's what my mindset mentor told me, and it's true. If you sit back and observe, rather than react, you will learn about yourself. Hear your self-talk. Watch your actions. Feel your emotions. Get off the roller coaster.


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