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About Your Mum & Dad

You want to hear something pretty staggering about your parents?

It doesn’t matter who you are...your achievements, your goals, your history…

...almost everyone is living with the same beliefs that were embedded into them in childhood.

Your beliefs around nutrition… was it a reward or a punishment as a kid?

The way you feel about pushing hard in WODs...what was the implicit story about hard work in your family unit?

Your self-belief, self-trust, and internal drive… were they as absent in your childhood as they are now?

Your family, your friends, your teachers… you want to be like them?

Maybe in parts, yes.

But what about their faults?

One athlete told me every time he heard “you’re so much like your Mum” that he hated it.

Because when he looked at his Mum he saw the negative traits that he himself mirrored.

Now, after working on his mindset, he now takes that as a compliment.

This athlete has learned to create his own beliefs… ones that serve him, not hold him back.

Make a note of this:

Successful athletes are the ones who own their narrative.

It’s as simple as that: are you going to accept the narrative (and therefore the results) life hands you?

Or are you going to create your own growth?

The shortcut to doing that is open for applications now. Join the Digital Mindset Gym today & own your narrative.

In the next couple of weeks, we're going to be closing the doors to the DMG for the foreseeable future. We're not sure when we're going to open spaces again.

So now is the time to own your narrative.


Coach Tom


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