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Are You Overwhelmed Right now?

Most of us are living in the unknown right now. Elite athletes don’t know what their career prospects will look like tomorrow, let alone whether the CrossFit Games will even go ahead.

The rest of us are unsure what CrossFit even is any more. What does the community stand for? What do I stand for? Is it worth terminating my membership over affiliation?

Box owners and coaches are now looking at a colossal challenge to their livelihoods.

Lots has changed.

Far more is yet to change.

Whether you’re an athlete or a coach, you’re inhabiting chaos itself right now. Is it any doubt that so many of us are feeling overwhelmed? Stressed, fearful, scared?

If you took your mental-pulse right now, what’s the measurement?

From 1-100, how anxious do you feel? How would you sum up your mental-emotional landscape in one word? Are you feeling like a victim or are you maintaining perspective?

Here’s a journaling exercise for you which will help you develop your mindset around the unknown. It will require 10 minutes of quiet, and a way of writing. Definitely write it, don’t just "think" it.

Observe Your Inner Athlete (OYIA)

In this portion, don’t judge what you write. Write freely. Don’t judge. Spend 5 minutes on this section. Write continuously, even if it’s just babble.

Write in response to the following prompt:

"What thoughts and emotions are arising right now? What’s going through your mind in day-to-day life? What are your fears around this?"

As Many Wins As Possible (AMWAP)

Now, spend a maximum of 5 minutes writing down every single win you can think of from the past 6 months. A win is anything which moves you toward your goal, anything you’ve improved at, anything which made you feel good.


We do the OYIA because it helps you see your mindset with perspective. You are not your thoughts or emotions.

And we do the AMWAPs because it helps us maintain positivity and realise that we are in control of far more than we initially think.


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