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Avoiding Average

The correct shoes (lifters, not Nanos or Metcons). Hands taped, and coated with just the right amount of chalk. Belt tightened. Sweaty knee sleeves pulled up. Clothing adjusted for minimal resistance.

These are the kind of steps you take to prepare yourself for a heavy lift.

I personally opt to pull my shorts up to an inappropriate height, then place my feet under the barbell with the kind of care and precision a surgeon would use. Finally, finger by finger, I wrap into a hookgrip, inhale deeply, and I’m off.

Proper Planning & Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance as they say.

I’m guessing you put a similar amount of groundwork into lifts. I mean, you’ve realised that this moment counts, even if it’s not a 1RM attempt or in a comp.

So why do you fail to prepare your mind?

Thoughts run rampant - "this is too heavy...everyone’s watching...I better impress so-and-so...last time I lifted this heavy, my back blew up…"

Emotions destabilise you - anxiety, fear, apathy, too much or too little aggression.

You imagine failed lifts and perhaps injury.

All of the above are signs you haven’t prepped your mindset sufficiently.

The mind controls more of our physical performance than we give it credit for. One study showed how even experienced lifters PR their lifts more frequently when the weight on the bar is hidden from them.

If you really want to avoid being average, it’s worth paying more attention to the mindset you lift with, not just the shoes you wear.


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