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Do Nerves Ruin Competitions For You?

We receive a lot of emails and DMs along these lines:

"I really want to compete, but every time I do, nerves ruin the experience. I spend the weeks before wracked with nerves."

"I tell myself I'm not good enough. Not as [strong/fit/good at gymnastics/tough/lean] as the other gals/guys."

"I imagine myself failing, being ashamed of my performance."

If that's you too - I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that your mindset stops you from doing what you really want to do - to be a KILLER on the competition floor.

You know you have the potential to do so - and honestly, so do we.

The problem isn't with who you are. It's with the strategies you deploy and how you relate to those nerves.

Both of these stem from the story you tell yourself:

"I'm not good enough"

Sure, consciously, you call your own BS on this.

But deep down, your subconscious believes it, and it doesn't matter what you consciously decide if your subconscious thinks otherwise.

I'll be frank with you:

Unless you unpick this story, it's always going to dominate your experience in comps.

In fact, it will probably compound the issue. You'll end up resenting comps even more. You'll shy away from even more challenging situation. You'll eventually finish your time CrossFitting knowing you could have given more, and wishing you had.I don't need to explain what this could do for your mental health in the long run.

This is why it's so important you STOP RUNNING from this mindset challenge.

You need to face up to it. See it clearly. Take action on it.

Not only will facing it prevent the demise I just mentioned, but it will also set you free. It will allow you to LOVE competition. To THRIVE. To walk onto the floor CONFIDENT, STRONG, HAPPY, and most of all with a sense of complete FREEDOM.

That's what's at stake.

IF you face it head on. If not...well...


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