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Don't Go Around Your Problem - Smash Through It

6 years ago, I began to see the need for mindset training in a CrossFit gym. I looked around and saw the downward spirals athletes went through after a single negative event and it made me realise I wasn't alone. At that point, I was consistently falling short of where I "should be". I tried positive self talk. I meditated (and went far too far down the woo-woo route). I read books and listened to podcasts constantly. Nothing worked. My performances were still substandard. I became frustrated and started an awful relationship with training. But there's one choice I am forever thankful for - the decision to get curious about what created my mindset. Ultimately it not only led me to finding freedom from my shitty narrative, but to helping thousands of others do the same. In the end, my biggest obstacle ended up being the very thing which created any "success" I've had from that point on. That's key for your journey too - if you face your obstacles head on, you'll find what you need in order to unleash your potential.

It doesn't matter if these challenges are mindset problems or technical ones. The way forward isn't around the obstacle, but through it.


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