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Fact: You Can't Out-Motivate A Bad Mindset

You wouldn’t drive your car with one foot on the brakes, and the other firmly planted on the gas.

So why do you try to use willpower to overcome your mindset?

Your mindset is currently what holds you back - not a lack of discipline or motivation or willpower.

It’s the story you tell yourself that limits you.

That’s why you go through highs and lows of emotion and excitement.

That’s why your efforts are so start-stop.

That’s why you get so frustrated with your lack of progress.

You have competing stories you tell yourself, you see.

One story is the story of who you could be - your ideal self. This is who you compare yourself to and who you judge yourself against.

If you did everything right, you could be this person.

This is true.

But there’s the other story which you also believe - albeit mostly subconsciously.

The story that maybe you’re not good enough - that’s why you doubt yourself or compare yourself to others at the gym.

The two stories fight against each other. Some days, your ideal story is in charge and you fly toward success.

A few days later, the limiting story takes over and pulls you back.

Until you rid yourself from the story (mindset) that holds you back, you’ll never unleash your potential.

“The way to be successful isn’t to find new ways to be successful, it’s to release yourself from the reasons you haven’t been so far,” as my mentor said.

Those reasons always come back to the story you tell yourself.


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