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FREE Online Challenge For Functional Athletes to Master Your Mental Game

Unleash Your Best Performances & Tap Into Your Full Potential With This Simple System Which Will Take You To Your Next Level.

Do You Always Seem To...

Suffer from negative self-talk & comparison when the going gets tougher?

Consistently under-perform despite knowing you're capable of far more?

Have terrible results on the leaderboard - even finishing behind people you should be beating?

‍Always compare and judge yourself to others or an ideal version of you, which you never reach?

Find nerves & pressure to perform sabotaging your results?


Struggle to find "flow" in WODs, despite knowing what it's like in training

Doubt that you gave it everything in your workouts? Could you have worked harder?

Spend more time looking at the leaderboard than you really should

What You'll Get:

✅Expert coaching from our highly experienced team of coaches to support your growth

✅Daily training videos explain a simple system you can use for every comp you ever enter

✅Digital workbook to make ensure you absolutely get this right. Super quick and simple.

✅The mindset you need to unleash your full potential this year and have zero regrets when your comp ends.

✅Just 10-15 minutes of training per day to Crush Your Next Comp

Take the next step toward your potential now


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