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Hardship is coming: How To Prepare Yourself

Hardship is coming for you, in one way or another.

Some of us are dealt more than others. Yet some thrive with a seemingly impossible situation. Others crumble with the merest suggestion of challenge.

The difference stems from their attitude. While those who find hardship overwhelming do everything to avoid confronting it, those who excel under trying conditions are those who go toward hardship.

They look hardship in the eye, because at least then they know what they're dealing with.

And when you know what you're dealing with, you can make a plan. You can decide who you need to be to overcome it.

In the long run, you can use your hardship to forge the best version of you possible - a version of you which wouldn't have been possible without the hardship.

Like I said at the beginning, hardship is coming for you. When it comes, you only have one choice: Embrace Hardship.

Until then though, you can prepare yourself. I think you know how to do that:

Embrace more hardship.

Do more difficult things. Challenge yourself more than ever. Confront the truths you'd rather ignore.

Your training is difficult, but you can find more by seeking out your weaknesses or committing at a deeper level.

You can find more hardship by recovering better, eating better, getting more sleep, doing your mobility like you should.

And you can definitely find hardship by confronting your mental limits & uncovering whatever narrative is limiting you. This will bring the most hardship, but also the biggest reward.

Stop taking the easy route: Embrace Hardship.


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