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How Bex Hit More PR's In 6 Weeks Than The Past 12 Months

If you're even slightly interested in mindset training, you need to watch this video from our athlete, Bex.

Bex has been working with us for a little under 3 months.

She's seen more PRs in the past 6 weeks, than the previous 12 months.

She doesn't experience bad training days any more, and she's found the fun in training once more.

Watch the video below to hear what she has to say about working with Mindset Rx'd.

This sounds like a fantasy to most - to PR more times in the past 6 weeks, than in the previous 12 months... to banish bad days... and to feel positive & once again enjoying training.

But Bex really sums up why she's been able to do these things in this video. She's put in the work.

She's been consistent as hell.

She's consistency hit the depth required in her mindset work.

She's always been willing to listen to different perspectives from our coaches.

Because of that, her mindset has shifted more than it ever did with a sports psychologist, NLP, meditation, hypnosis videos.

Bex, you're a prime example of what we're looking for in our athletes. Thank you for being such a brilliant role model.


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