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how to deadlift more: a Pre-Lift Routine

Yesterday, I watched a video of Digital Mindset Gym legend, Jenz crushing a BIG deadlift. You can almost

see that he has worked on his mindset.

Most would expect screaming, chest-beating and metal before a lift this big.

Instead, Jenz’s approach is calm, focused, present, but STRONG. He’s determined and aggressive, yet not theatric.

As he grips the bar, he’s present still. You can see the fierceness. But it’s never undisciplined.

And still, once the lift is done, as he puts the bar down, it’s a solid head nod of success, rather than a celebratory yell.

This is where almost every athlete should aim to get to. You don’t need the histrionics. You need presence. You need a controlled ferocity. You need aggression, of course, but it needs to be channelled.

A lift like this is one of an excellent athlete. A wild chest beating lift with stomping is mostly just theatre.

Get present, not loud. Find the inner fire.


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