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It's Here - What You've Been Waiting For

Lifetime Discount & Opportunity For Only 10 Athletes to Level Up Their Mindset & Performance in DMGLite Beta Test. (This offer has passed, but you can still get a half price first month if you find the offer code in this post.) MAKE THE MOST OF THIS ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY TO ACCESS THE NEW DIGITAL MINDSET GYM FOR NEXT TO NOTHING & START MAKING HUGE PROGRESS ON YOUR MINDSET & PERFORMANCE

This has been in the works for years now...and it's ready for you.

DMGLite, a lean, stripped-back version of the Digital Mindset Gym, will use the exact same, tried and tested template of the DMG, but with the added bonus of being super affordable. So if you’ve been on the edge of trying the DMG before, or haven’t been able to commit because of the price, this is your chance.

If you’re ready to take a big step forward in your mindset, and you’ve never worked with Mindset Rx’d before, this is your chance.

So what is DMGLite?

DMGLite is the Digital Mindset Gym for those who need less coaching & want a lower commitment. You will still get access to all the same world class material though of course.

You’ll begin your DMGLite experience in the On-Ramp course, a 90 day program which builds a really solid base of mindset so you can take a massive step toward your potential. Each week, you’ll watch a new training video which will teach you an essential mindset lesson. Then, you’ll be provided with daily mindset exercises to do in your own time. These exercises will systematically improve your mindset.

In the On-Ramp course, you will:

  • Discover why you’re not growing as quickly as you want & learn how to get better, quicker.

  • Develop firecracker motivation & drive with our goal setting and vision setting phase

  • Learn how to take control of your mindset in any scenario

  • Begin mastering WODs by learning about The Performance Arch & start pushing harder

  • Pick out strategies which suit you to perform your best when it counts like in competition

  • Take control of your nutrition

  • Master visualisation for success

  • Begin applying these techniques not just to training, but to your entire life

  • Grow in confidence, character, and self-belief

  • Get personalised help in our bi-weekly Q&A calls where we can personalise the journey for you

  • Be helped along by the rest of the community in the dedicated support group

  • Be able to quickly and easily work on your mindset with our new app.

Once you’ve completed On-Ramp, you’ll get access to our daily mindset programming, recorded in brand new video format. You’ll also discover all our advanced techniques & strategies so that every single day, you can turn up as your best self & start being the type of person you wish to be.

You will also get free access to streamlined versions of our dedicated programs for nutrition mastery, competition preparation, and even challenges in wider life like relationships, work and family.

Whilst this is a new format, and hugely accessible, this process is tried and tested with hundreds of athletes and coaches, and it’s ready for you. It’s even the same system we use with elite athletes like Brent Fikowski & Alison Scudds. This is For You If…

You are ready to get better results in performance, nutrition, or competition, whilst feeling strong & confident whilst doing so.

You want access to the best mindset training available to functional athletes

You want a training system that grows with you and teaches you mindset from wherever your level is now.

You want to do that for less than ever before.

You are ready to not just up level your mindset in the gym/competition, but in all areas of your life.

When Can You Start?

Right now! Your potential is waiting for you, so don't hesitate. Click here to sign up now.

How Much Does It Cost?

DMGPro (with full coaching) is £75 or around $97 per month. DMGLite is less than half of that - just $37.50 per month. Yep, that’s USD, not GBP. Yep, that's more than 60% off!

Not only can you secure this sweet price, but you can receive a unique discount of 50% off your first month but only if you're in the first 10 who sign up. So instead of $37.50, you’ll pay only $18.75 for your first month.

Sign up now, and get your limited, 50% lifetime discount by clicking this link:

Use the link: HALFPRICE-2020 to get your 20% lifetime discount

Is There A Guarantee?

Every course we release at Mindset Rx’d is covered by our 110% guarantee. If you get to the end of the first month and decide you don’t like it, we’ll offer you all of your money back, plus an extra 10% for your trouble. No questions asked.

Is There A Contract?

There is NO contract in the DMG. Come and leave as you like, but you’ll forfeit your lifetime discount if you do decide to leave.

How To Sign Up & Secure Your Discount & Bonuses

Simply head to and enter the code HALFPRICE-2020 to ensure you get involved in brand new DMGLite and begin your mindset journey today. Remember, there's just 30 spaces available.

See you in there!


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