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Winston Churchill used the phrase ‘KBO’ to describe the consistent slog toward success one must endure.

Keep Buggering On.

It applies when leading good against evil, but also to your training and any other pursuit of growth.

The ability to KBO effectively is what sets you up for success. There’s this myth that great people and great athletes wake up every day like they’re at some god-awful motivational event - clapping their hands above their head, listening to We Will Rock You by Queen, and walking across flaming coals on the way to their morning bowel movement.

These people are not superhuman though. They experience highs and lows of drive just like you. Doubt intervenes. Fatigue pulls them towards the easiest possible route.

The difference between those who achieve their goals, and those who don’t though, is that those who do, KBO. They continue regardless. They ruthlessly and rigorously pursue excellence despite those moments when peak states are nothing but hopes and memories.

Excellence, as Aristotle said, is a habit not a virtue, because we are what we repeatedly do.

Ironically it’s this commitment to KBO which means they are - in the long run - more likely to hit peak performance consistently.

The athlete who reaches the heights of success walks a narrow path. It’s easy to fall to one side or the other on the tightrope walk to excellence. Poise, balance, and the relentless drive to place one foot in front of the other, regardless of fatigue or external circumstances creates winners.

Where does this KBO-obsessed attitude come from? The mindset they cultivated years ago.

Sometimes it’s luck which creates this Champ’s mindset, as role models and influences align to fortunately provide an individual with the ingredients for success. Other times -far more frequently in fact- they have to go out of their way to select their mentors and resources.

Now, back to you. Which attitude will you take? Hope that a figure or inspiration happens upon you? Or choose to cultivate the mindset which will drive you toward your potential?

There is, only one answer.

You have to hammer against the anvil of life, day in and day out, to forge the mentality you need.

So, get back to the furnace and KBO.


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