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I would wake up every single morning and stare at it with my coffee.

Now, I have to force myself to look up and acknowledge it.

It's become part of my life. It's no longer novel. Because it's not novel, it becomes easy to lose appreciation and when this happens, you don't become ungrateful... but well... you just consider it normal.

But this isn't a post about gratitude, it's a post about making you a better athlete.

The points are linked though:

4 months ago, moving into this flat was a HUGE win for me. I could finally afford to live with the woman I've been in love with for 7 years. I was FINALLY out of Cambridge. I became independent.

It took a leap of faith coupled with years of hard work.

The relief, sense of accomplishment and pride was overwhelming.

And here I am, not even 4 months later, taking it for granted.

As I mentioned, I'm not going to make the generic point of "oh, just be more grateful", because that phrase somehow means so much it's incomprehensible and nothing whatsoever simultaneously. 

What I'm going to say is this...

We are hardwired to see things through a negative lens. If we didn't, our species would have died of millennia ago.

It's a survival instinct that forces us to NOT DIE.

If you're reading this with the focus on "becoming a better athlete", that part won't help you. It's going to make you make rash decisions. It's going to make you swap programs, avoid hard work and freak out about unsubstantiated fears.

So here's what I do and here's what you can do too.

Remind yourself of your victories, little or small. Be present, keep perspective and know that you are winning.


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