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Master Your Lifting Mindset

You know you should be hitting those lifts you're currently missing. And whilst you are aware that your recovery, sleep, nutrition etc. are important, in your heart of hearts, you know the real problem is what's going on between your ears.

That's why you have those thoughts which are so disruptive.

That's why your emotions are unstable.

That's why when you try and visualise a good lift, all you can imagine is a failed one.

So how do you train your mindset to help you lift heavier, rather than hold you back?

First off - and this is super important - you need to realise that whilst you can control your conscious thought, your subconscious belief is way stronger. That's why you don't believe your false positivity. It's your subconscious belief which holds you back, so initially you need to figure out what this subconscious belief is. If you never figure it out, it will continue to limit your progress & stop you lifting heavy.

Quite often the second part of the problem is that whilst you know what numbers you want to be lifting, you don't have a good enough idea of the character skills you need to display to get there, and how to train them. Because you're not actively practising chosen character skills, you default to the pattern you've practised most.

Third, humans - you included - are crap at staying in the moment. Because of this, a lot of your lifts will be sabotaged by a lack of presence. You need to be able to notice when you get distracted and put an end to it.

Fourth, your mindset learns through seeking what it considers to be "truth". An important thing to note is that your subconscious mind's truth is not the same as the objective truth. This is one thing which currently stopping you from hitting lifts - your subconscious believes you aren't good enough to make them. However, flip this and put effort into proving that you are good enough, and you will begin believing it.

Finally - but only when all the above is in place - play around with sport-specific techniques like visualisation, pre-lift routines, etc.

So there you have it: a 5-step process for hitting every lift you should be hitting.


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