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Mindset Rx'd Is About To Become Waaaay More Accessible

12 days.

That's all you've got left to wait, and then I'll tell you all about it. Just a little patience is all you need.

Our at Mindset Rx'd mission is "to provide world class mindset coaching to the functional fitness community". We're about to take a gigantic step toward that in the coming weeks, and personally, I'm excited as an 8 week old puppy.

Other than the excitement of this development, I do have a quick story/lesson for you.

Tomorrow, I'm speaking to my business coach (I try to get coaching in everything meaningful to me - training, business, relationships, my thought processes, and of course, my mindset (because coaches need coaches too)).

My coach gets me to fill out a form before we chat so our time together can be as useful as possible. In this form, there's a question about motivation: "how motivated do you feel?".

Here's the thing about motivation: it ebbs and flows. It's external. What matters is how connected you are to your true drivers. Because if you are connected, even in the absence of zesty motivation, you're going to continue to execute the tasks which are vital to your growth.

Fail to tap into your drivers and you'll half-ass your efforts, be pulled in all directions, and fail to move forward consistently.

What gives you purpose? For me, it's two things mainly: growth, and freedom. Not just for me, but facilitating it in others, too.

Freedom from non-serving mindsets & freedom to become the person you dream of being.

Growth in the direction which is meaningful to you.

These concepts are my drivers and because I know them thoroughly, I have reason to sacrifice my comfort today for a better tomorrow. 12 hour days have a purpose.

This isn't about finding a "why", it's about discovering your values. In my experience, having a "why" makes little to no difference. Knowing "who" is far more important.


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