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Opportunities for you in 2021

Usually blogs or emails from me are brain gains wrapped in a story or a lesson. Today, I want to ensure you are fully prepped for every opportunity coming your way in 2021.

2021 is going to be huge for us, and therefore you. We're paying it forward this year, and you're going to benefit.

Crush The Open

The Open is a time when both your physical and your mental fitness is tested. We're bringing something to you and your training that you'll never have seen before.

For now, I'm not going to tell you any more other than it's a huge step toward our vision. Our vision is to ensure every functional athlete around the world has access to world class mindset coaching.

Mindset Training Camp

This brand new course has been in development for 6 months and we're finally ready to beta test it on a select few athletes.

It's the most challenging - and therefore growth inducing - course we've ever put together. The Mindset Training Camp combines our tried and tested Mindset Rx'd Method, alongside a lot of other techniques which we have been testing on ourselves.

Keep an eye out in your emails for this beta testing opportunity.

Coaching Mastery

Our L2 coaches certification is starting on Feb 1st. We will probably run one more this year.

It's invitation only, so if you have your invite, congrats. If not, hit reply and I'll let you know how to qualify for invitation.

Digital Mindset Gym

The DMG is still closed for new applications. Our most recent 5 athletes are nailing it. "I'm already feeling a massive difference in every workout, and my day to day living too" is what one athlete said just a month into the program.

What Mindset Are You?

Finally, we will be releasing a mindset model quiz. We've coached over a thousand athletes on their mindset now. We've identified 4 mindset models which athletes fall into.

Your mindset model determines how you think, feel and act. It also determines how best to train your mindset. We'll be releasing this soon.


A question for you: what do you want to see from us? What would help you most? More video content? YouTube stuff? Podcasts? Let us know.

Be sure to keep in touch through Instagram, our blog, or keeping an eye out for our podcast experiences.

P.s. be sure to check out Coach Rachel's awesome articles on BarBend. Here's one on whether to retest Open workouts


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