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Pain is just sensation

What’s your experience with cold water exposure? I used to hate it but now I’m getting in the sea once per week. The water is somewhere around 5 degrees Celsius/40 Farenheit. Why do I do it? Because embracing hardship is the best way to become the athlete - and person - you wish to be. It’s the best way to rewrite your subconscious story. That’s why we include the Proof phase of training in all our programs. To start believing a better story (and unleash your potential through that), you must first see that it’s true! Yesterday, my friend shared a gem with me after getting out of the cold water: “It’s just sensation” This is a truth you will arrive at when you’ve done a good amount of mindset work, whether it’s meditation, journaling, or conversation. Everything you experience is just sensation. The discomfort in a WOD, is just sensation. The shortness of breath, is just sensation. The heaviness of the bar, is just sensation. Going one step deeper, it’s not just the physical, but the mental-emotional which is just sensation too. Your thoughts. Your emotions. Your beliefs. All just sensation. Your ability to push harder, and your ability to break free of your current limits requires you to KNOW this. Sensation is something other than you. You are not your sensations. And your sensations are not your limits. Sure, they may feel uncomfortable, but you need to learn to separate yourself from your sensations. See them for what they are: somewhat of an illusion.


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