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So You've Got a weakness? good!

It's not just that the obstacle stands in your way to success, and must be overcome in order to progress...'s that in overcoming the obstacle, you will be forged into a better, more resilient, more competent athlete (not to mention human being).

You can even go one more step in this concept: the obstacle standing in your way is the best thing that could happen to you

So whilst improving your gymnastic skills is necessary to move to the next level of performance, it's also the best way to become more confident, and relocate the fun in your training.

What's more, without the painful realisation that your gymnastic skills are holding you back, you would always be limited.

"The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way, becomes the way." - Marcus Aurelius

One athlete who has been a true practitioner of this concept is DMG athlete, and recent Mindset Training Camp graduate, Alvin Sicre.

It's for this reason - finding the opportunity to grow in every obstacle - that Alvin is our Athlete of the Month for April.

Alvin has shown massive levels of consistency, resilience, and courage in applying this mindset skill to both training and wider life.

Congrats, Alvin.


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