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Sorry, You're Not Good Enough (Yet)

You aren’t good enough right now. Otherwise you’d have achieved your goal already right now.

Right now, you have two ways to take this news:

  1. (The most common approach) Pretend you are good enough. Ignore your weaknesses and blame your programming, your coach, your life, the economy, the comp.

  2. (The rare, yet impossibly powerful approach) Accept it and make more progress because you recognise this fact.

Whilst recording the new & improved training videos for the Digital Mindset Gym (Lite is now available!), I stumbled across one of my favourite lessons:

Only by beginning the journey can we ever become good enough to complete it.

You’re not good enough to win that comp right now. But by aiming at it and staying aware, you’ll learn the weaknesses in your performance and strategy.

You’re not good enough to get that lean, strong body you desire, but if you begin working toward it - really working - you will learn how your limiting beliefs prevent you from success and the confidence you desire.

You’re not yet good enough to be the best athlete and human you can be, but by starting that journey, you will encounter a series of ever-increasing trials which, through both success and failure, will forge you into the person you need to become.

A truly great athlete will set their sights on their goal and begin. They won’t hesitate. They won’t get down because they’re not there yet, nor will they throw a petulant strop.

They’ll accept reality as it is, and take the first step.

Their challenges will seem huge to them at that point, and they may very well fail, but they’ll learn from it, and because that lesson (because of that failure), they’ll be better equipped for the next challenge; a bigger challenge - one which is yet another step closer to their goals.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. All you have to do is take it.


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