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Stop the gratitude journal//start hitting hit depth

Changing your mindset isn't as easy as the guy/gal at the gym who uses a lot of 🔥🔥🔥 emojis says it is.

Take a moment to consider everything that makes you, you:

- Every win or loss you've ever experienced, in any area of life - Every painful memory you have - Every joyful memory you have - Everything which happened that you don't even remember - Millions of years of evolution and natural selection - The culture you're bought up in

To think all of that can be changed with a few simple affirmations, or a 5 minute gratitude journal is simple naivety.

To change your mindset, and therefore your success in sport, you need one thing more than anything else... hit depth.

To stop living on the surface and sink down into your deeper experience.

To get curious and ask yourself why you feel like this.

To observe yourself and find out what's going on under the hood.

That's what it means to hit depth.

Are you hitting depth ?


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