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T.A.P.P.S. = Test, Aim, Presence, Perspective/ Positivity, Sport-Specific

One of the things that I hate MOST about functional fitness is the belief that balancing life & training is easy.

Simple maybe, but definitely not easy.

It seems that you're a bad person if you don’t drop everything and train 2-3 hours per day, prep 3 perfect meals per day (and your supplements), get your rehab in and your mobility, work on all your skills...all while maintaining your real life; job, relationships, family, hobbies etc.

So, I’m sorry that you’ve been sold this nonsense…

I’m sorry that because of this belief you are frustrated with your lack of growth.

I’m sorry you put so much pressure on yourself that you end up self-critical and negative even when you’re such a positive person usually.

That you feel overwhelmed by the amount you should be getting done, and this leads to you going through extreme highs and lows of motivation.

So you change your goals and desires frequently and end up never making the progress you wish.

Which makes you even more frustrated and the cycle builds.

I’m sorry that this affects your “real” life, and has even sapped the enjoyment of your training.

No longer is it an adventure, but a task to get done, rather than one you get to do.

You spend all day rushing from task to task and squeeze in training.

You think “I just need to be more disciplined” when your nutrition or your consistency slips, but really there’s far more going on under the surface. You can feel that, but you don’t want to admit to it.

You know you have far more to give, but you’re falling short of your potential.

I’ve been there. I know how painful it is.

This is what drove me to develop the Mindset Rx’d Method: TAPPS.

This method is based on putting you in the right headspace to make every single day count.

It works because it only needs you to spend a few minutes a day working on your mindset, not hours. And it works because it’s not leaving your mental-emotional landscape down to luck; but it’s taking control of it.

When you Test your mindset consistently, you know what to look out for in your thoughts and emotions.

When you consistently Aim Up, you feel pulled toward success, rather than having to force yourself to do the work.

When you create Presence you no longer fall into the trap of unconscious non-serving cycles of behaviours.

When you work on Positivity & Perspective, you start to prove to your subconscious mind that you can reach the next level. You remove the doubt from your training and develop self-belief.

And finally, with this solid baseline of mindset, when you implement Sport-Specific tactics, they work. Say goodbye to sub-par performances & hello to realising your potential.

Just ask elite athletes like Brent Fikowski who uses the Mindset Rx’d Method to perform at his best when it counts.

Or athletes who are more like you or I like Addie who said “I am now 33 days into this process and I’m so happy! I am more aware of my self talk and the way my subconscious thinks. It’s made me a better athlete but surprisingly a better human in all aspects... I couldn’t be more grateful.

Or Kelly who said “before the Mindset Rx’d Method, I was full of self doubt and constantly self sabotaging myself both in training and general life. I have done 3 comps since I have worked with mindset RX’d and I can tell you they have been a completely different experience to previously.

The Mindset Rx’d Method is a game-changer.


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