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The 180 sec technique which makes every day count

Here's a 180 second technique which will take you to your next level of performance far more quickly than you'll ever do without it.

When I tell you exactly what it is, you may shrug, but time and time again, I've seen it change the fortune of athletes just like you.

Here it is...

At the beginning of your day, write down the 2-3 things you can do in the next 24 hours which will challenge you immensely and have the biggest impact in your training.

Why write them down? Because you need to commit to them and see them as targets to hit.

Why 2-3, and not 10? Because you're busy, and you need focus more than you need rushing. These should also be big goals for the day.

Why 24 hours? Because the reason you're not growing like you want to, is because you let more days than you should slip by without making the most of them.

They should also stretch you and challenge you. They should - alongside improving your body - forge you into a better version of yourself.

Finally, you need to make sure that these things will have the biggest effect on your training.

Here are my 3 athletic intentions for today:

1. Stick to percentages in my snatch work - don't get too competitive and try to show off.

2. Nail supplement intake and water intake (4 litres) - show consistency and discipline.

3. Be precise with squat movement - again, no need to show off. Move well & stick to the tempo, especially when it sucks.

To become a better athlete, you need to be more effective, intentional, and deliberate. You do this by setting short term targets in line with your grand vision and smashing them.

Make today count. You'll never get this opportunity again.

Best, Coach Tom


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