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This is Crazy, but the DMG is Closed

Many will consider me crazy for doing this, but I'm adamant it's the right decision.

Yep, I've just shut down the entire application process to the Digital Mindset Gym. We're no longer taking on board new athletes for the foreseeable future.

Why? We are currently working with over 100 athletes either in Digital Mindset Gym Pro or Lite.

Our priorities lie with them and their mindset journey.

There's a vital mindset lesson in here for you too.

One which will help you achieve your goals far more efficiently and with much less stress, doubt, and frustration.

Here it is...

We know our mission at Mindset Rx'd: to provide world class mindset coaching for the functional fitness world.

Not to make the most $$$.

Not to "be successful".

Not to work with the most athletes.

But to ensure that every single functional athlete in the world has access to life-changing mindset training.

So while to many this will seem like a step backward, it's a step forward.

And here is where this gets relevant to your mindset journey...

You have to know your vision. Not just goals, but how it will feel to succeed...what that will mean to that affects everything in your life.

You have to Aim Up (pillar 2 of the Mindset Rx'd Method) precisely and intently, otherwise you'll never know what will take you forward and what will take you back.

P.s. If you click here and follow the links, you can pre-register for priority access if that interests you.


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