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treat your negative self talk like a wasp

We've all been taught how to deal with wasps which are ruining a meal.

You don't want to ignore it because it's a wasp, and it might sting you, so you keep an eye on it.

But you definitely don't want to wildly flap about trying to usher it away. It will only aggravate it and it will become aggressive, and more determined to do you harm.

Same goes for your self-talk.

Stop trying to push it away. Stop trying to flap about with "positive self-talk". You're not doing anything other than fuelling the fire.

But you definitely don't want to ignore it either. Here's why...

This is where this analogy breaks down a little.

Your negative self-talk is actually a gift which you can use to grow.

It's telling you something.

It's telling you, your limiting story. It's probably something like "I don't fit in here" or "I'm not good enough to..." or "I can't do this....".

^^^Those are the stories we hear a lot when athletes apply for the Mindset Training Camp (for which you have just 48 hours left to apply).

So next time you hear your negative self-talk, get curious, not ashamed.


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