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Will you miss the opportunity to be everything you could be?

Let's be honest for a moment, there's a little bit of doubt that you're really giving everything you could.

Are you holding back in workouts? Could you be giving more in comps? Should you be better with your nutrition and recovery?

Are you 100% committed to the goal in hand?

More to the point, does your mentality get in your own way occasionally?

Negativity, self-criticism, and self-doubt are crippling for so many athlete's ambitions. Especially those who know they have massive potential but haven't realised it yet.

That's why we put together the Mindset Training Camp - a 6 week mindset intensive to ensure your mindset is your greatest asset, not an unknown weakness.

Why's the Mindset Training Camp any different to the books you've read, podcasts you've listened to, and maybe the mindset work you've done before?

Well, for one, we follow a tried and tested structure: the Mindset Rx'd Method. This works.

Second, you'll get daily feedback and accountability from our highly trained coaches who understand both the sport and mindset.

Third, we show you how to do the mental reps - just as your physical body won't change without putting the reps in, your mindset won't change without doing work. We will challenge your mentality like never before.

Just imagine how different your life would be with 6 weeks of focused, intentional, deliberate mindset work.

You'll be more driven. You'll be more focused. You'll be excited to train again. You'll be crushing PRs. You'll even be able to put the fun back into training.

Click here to apply now. It takes less than 90 seconds


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