To choose just a few books who have shaped what I teach and how I teach it is near impossible. I think though, that these books below, have been the most important in my life.


Barbell Buddha

Chris Moore's words move me like few others' have. His outlook and his vulnerable writing are portals into a deep, reflective mind. His loss still hurts. None of the other books are in any order; this is at the top for a reason though.


The Obstacle Is The Way

Ryan Holiday's book was my first encounter with formalised Stoicism and it changed the outcome of my life. The principles are still applied to my life daily. An essential for any human being in my opinion.

Art of learning.png

The Art of Learning

I don't think there's a more important skill to learn than how to learn; metalearning. Josh Waitzkin teaches you how to master any skill in this seminal book. I apply the lessons here on a daily basis.




A great introduction to the power of the subconscious. The main teachings form a cornerstone of what I teach all athletes in the Inner Athlete Performance Camp these days: learn the power of your subconscious.

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Seth Godin was the first person who showed me I could create the lifestyle I wanted to through my own business without being a dick in the process. If you're reading this, you have Seth to thank for any content I share.



This is quite frankly a masterpiece. There's one line in particular which has directed not only my coaching but my wider life: "the goal is to chase the best way, not the most familiar way".  Real, transferable lessons.


Man's Search For Meaning

Viktor Frankl wrote this after his harrowing experience in a Concentration Camp. The most beautiful and perspective enhancing book I have ever read. The only philosophy book which has made me cry.