These coaches are those who have influenced my thinking the most over the time I have been coaching. It's not an exhaustive list, but one which I think is worth following. There are others, but if you're a functional athlete, I think these are your best bet. 


Julien Pineau and Richard Aceves

Julien Pineau and Richard Aceves are paving the way in movement, both fortifying truths and uncovering what should have been previously obvious but has been covered up by dogma. These two and StrongFit as a whole, I think, are the future of training.


Dr. Andy Galpin

Andy is one of the most principled and forward thinking scientists out there. He's one of the few working for the development of functional fitness and all it entails. His website holds a plethora of knowledge you will love.


Brian Mackenzie

Brian seems to be involved in everything up and coming right now and for good reason. He has a knack for identifying the retrospectively obvious and fundamental.


Robb Wolf

Robb embodies an phenomenal talent not only in everything nutrition and ancestral, but also in avoiding dogmatic reasoning. An OG of the functional fitness scene.

Jason Phillips.jpg

Jason Phillips

Jason came onto my radar through a mentor of mine and instantly impressed me with his practical, centrist view of nutrition for functional athletes.


Kasper Van Der Meulen

Kasper is an impressive guy on an impressive journey. His appreciation for learning and the importance of biopsychology (how body influences mind) is inspiring.