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How To Finally Become The Athlete You Dream of Being by Developing a Rock-Solid Mindset

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Mindset RX'd is the functional fitness world's first scalable, learnable system to master the Inner Athlete. The Inner Athlete dictates everything from performance to consistency, from intensity tolerance to self-belief. In short, the Inner Athlete is the gap that lies between your current level and achieving your potential as an athlete, and as a human being.

Master your

inner athlete

Mindset RX'd is led by the Inner Athlete Performance Camp - a 12 week, online, group process to take you from your current level to Inner Athlete Mastery. We attack three big areas:

  • Intensity Tolerance: how hard can you push before you quit?
  • Consistency: do you do everything you know you should?
  • Self-belief: are you self-sabotaging through poor self-image?

About me

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It all started when...

...I was diagnosed with a heart condition which doctors told me could kill me. Long story short, it hasn't and it won't. That news though was enough to take me from an athletically gifted 13 year old to a weak, timid 14 year old. This lasted until I was 17 when a teacher read an extract from a book to our college class.

That extract flipped how I viewed the world, and how I viewed myself. I realised it was possible to learn to embrace intensity and discomfort. I realised it is possible to become the athlete and the man I want to be. Over the next few years, I changed my life around by mastering my mindset. This formed the basis of what I now teach athletes.

I went from skinny child to joining an elite branch of the British Military, racking up over 10,000 hours of functional fitness coaching and eventually to where I am now:

Inner Athlete coach for functional athletes of all abilities and host of a #1 ranked iTunes podcast, The Alpha Movement Podcast.

Most of my coaching is online through my Inner Athlete Performance Camps, however I'm currently taking my Mindset RX'd Seminar throughout Europe and will be touring the rest of the world in 2018.