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Beyond Mindfulness: Exploring High ROI Approaches for High Performers

If you’re in the pursuit of high performance, you’ll have come across mindfulness. It’s heralded as the saviour of the ambitious, success seeking, crusher, who finds him/herself spinning their wheels, undisciplined, and way too mediocre for their liking.

You’re not here to be mediocre, right?

You’re here to fulfil your potential and live an intentional and deliberate life.

And that’s where mindfulness is ushered in. If only you were more mindful, you could focus more on your tasks…stop those habits you’re ashamed of…and effortlessly cruise toward success.

Yet in my experience coaching 1000+ high achievers, they’ve tried endless meditation apps. They’ve all promised them mindfulness mastery and their wildest dreams too.

Yet these people jump on a call with me and regularly tell me “I’ve tried all the apps, but I still get distracted.”

In this blog I’m going to explain why that is, and give you some alternatives for mindfulness that - in my experience - will transfer to better performance

Find Your Edge

Dance on the border between chaos and order. Find your current capacity and lean over that edge. Take a risk.

You’re not seeking mindfulness. You’re seeking engagement with the present moment. You’re seeking challenge and a duel with the unknown.

It’s at this point when you feel most alive.

Being mindful just makes you aware of what you’re already experiencing. Finding the edge of your capacity heightens your perception and allows you access to your full arsenal.

Quit Treating Your Body Like Shit

You say you’re seeking high performance, but you’re smashing coffees, eating crap too often, and you wake up every morning feeling under-recovered and groggy.

Your mind doesn't exist outside of its relationship to your body.

Your mind and body are two parts of the same system.

They’re not neighbours. They’re conjoined twins; sharing resources and influencing each other from within.

Treat your body with the respect it deserves and it will reward you in mental clarity.

Make The Correct Sacrifice

Your mental performance will heighten when you let your immaturity die.

You have to be willing to sacrifice something you’re attached to but holds you back.

Your incompetence, your comfort, your desire for instant gratification.

You must sacrifice it all, and much more.

If it doesn’t pain you to give it up, it’s not a sacrifice worthy of whichever goal you’re seeking.

Ultimately, there’s only one sacrifice which counts: the undeveloped parts of you.

Create a Breathwork Practise

Your breath is an instant pathway to focus. It’s also a pathway to distraction if used wrongly.

Here are some awesome resources to experiment with and see how they affect your conscious experience.


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