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Our Mission

Mindset Rx'd provide world-class mindset coaching to the functional fitness community. We're here to unleash your potential; both inside the gym and in your day to day life. The principles we coach will take you to your next level. It's also our hope that you will transfer what you learn as an athlete to your other roles in life.


We don't do surface level, motivational BS. We do performance-elevating, long-lasting, and life-changing growth. This kind of development is the product of depth. On the connection front, we guide you to connecting to the best version of yourself, as well as connecting to others. Everything is personal in Mindset Rx'd. This is about you.


Our coaching is responsible for helping athletes hit peak performance at the CrossFit Games®, and for helping the average box goer reach their next level of performance.



Use the form below if you want to enquire about hosting Mindset Rx'd on your podcast or blog, or would like to enquire about other services.


We also offer Individual Mindset Coaching on a 1-2-1 basis. If you're interested in this, drop us a line below.

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