The Mindset Rx’d Podcast focuses on extracting the mindset techniques and strategies which make the best in the world, the best in the world.

I speak to the functional fitness world's best athletes and coaches as well as some cool/brilliant others who provide you with skills to master your Inner Athlete

S2E34: The Most Underappreciated Side of Mindset with Brandon Powell

S2E33: The Lie I Tell To Every Single One of my Athletes

S2E32: 1 Year of Difference

S2E31: My 3 Biggest Failures

S2E30: "Everything is Easy Now" with Jasper Thomson

S2E29: Find Yourself Not Doing What You Need To Do To Win?

S2E28: How to Master Any and Every WOD

S2E27: Why Monday Motivation is BS

S2E26: Why You're Still Stuck

S2E25: Creating A Life You Love With Andrew Muse

S2E24: The Artistry of Movement and the 'Mental Athlete' with Carl Paoli

S2E23: Wearing Your Fear with Tony Blauer

S2E22: How To Get 'In The Zone' With Clyde Brolin

S2E21: Mastery of the Athletic Mind with Kenny Kane

EPISODE #80: Fixing Functional Fitness Fuck-Ups With Dr. Richard Ulm

S2E20: The Limits of Your Athleticism with Mark England of Procabulary

S2E19: How Erin Mackenzie Can "Out-Suffer" Anyone

S2E18: Scroobius Pip & Sam Marshall

S2E17: Kasper Van Der Meulen

S2E16: Brian Mackenzie

S2E15: Julien Pineau and Richard Aceves

S2E14: Patrick Vellner

S2E13: Tom Kendall

S2E12: Brent Fikowski

S2E11: Logan Gelbrich

S2E10: Robb Wolf

S2E09: Jason Phillips

S2E08: Lessons From The Greats

S2E07: AJ Roberts

S2E06: Laura Faulkner

S2E05: Chris Spealler

S2E04: The "Impossible" Art of Consistency

S2E03: Scott Carney

S2E02: Barry Mairs

S2E01: A Fresh Start