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39 Lessons From Commando Training: My Adventure & Business Blueprint

9 years ago, I completed the toughest basic military training in the world.

I changed a lot during the two years it took me to become a Royal Marines Commando. I learned lessons I still find invaluable today.

I rely on them in the mountains as much as I do running my business. I think they’re now a part of who I am and what I teach to my clients.

My hope is that you will be able to use these to move closer to the life of freedom you seek.

  1. You’re not the end product. Be better.

  2. Take a breath. What needs to happen now?

  3. Systemise as much as possible. It will create so many choices for you.

  4. If you’re overwhelmed and struggling, forget the end goal and focus on what you must do right now.

  5. If something seems impossible today, build toward it in incremental steps.

  6. If you’re going to do something, try to be the best. There’s value in excellence.

  7. Reaching the end goal doesn’t change who you are.

  8. Deadlines force aggressive action.

  9. One step at a time shall complete any undertaking.

  10. You can do a lot with very little. Sometimes it’s even an advantage

  11. Don’t choose your environment by accident

  12. Life is full of suffering but approach it with cheerfulness in the face of adversity

  13. Values make choices simple

  14. Be as independent as possible, but don’t let pride stop you from asking for help when you need it.

  15. Most of the time, it really does pay to be a winner

  16. You’re not special. Many people, at many times, have had it infinitely tougher than you but achieved far more. Pull yourself together.

  17. When you’re resting, rest.

  18. You need humility to learn.

  19. Be the person your mates will want in an emergency.

  20. Humility looks very different from letting the world walk all over you.

  21. The best leaders listen

  22. You don’t need perfect sleep to do difficult things (but you should always aim to get it)

  23. Life sometimes feels shit. Get used to it.

  24. Good things happen outdoors

  25. You have it easier than almost anyone who has ever lived. Make the most of it.

  26. Suffering is a choice.

  27. When you feel like quitting, chances are, you’re nowhere near your limits.

  28. Take as much responsibility as possible, even if it hurts in the short term.

  29. Who you spend time with matters more than what you do.

  30. Everybody is just pretending they know what they’re doing basically all the time. They’re as much of an imposter as you are.

  31. Your character is more important than your current skill set. Train it.

  32. Mens Sana In Corpore Sano - a strong mind in a strong body - is a goal that makes so many others easier.

  33. You don’t gain new perspectives by standing still. Move.

  34. Do difficult things - there’s value in overcoming adversity.

  35. Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean it’s worth doing - any idiot can be cold and wet.

  36. Just because you’ve done something difficult in the past, doesn’t mean you can coast. Coasting is a recipe for stagnation.

  37. Remember the 7 P’s: Proper Planning and Preparation Prevent Piss Poor Performance.

  38. Learn the basics. Do the basics. Do the basics consistently.

  39. A stitch in time saves nine.


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