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Complexity Ruined my Streak & My Sleep

*Taken from our Mindset Meditations Emails You may have noticed that on Monday I failed to send an email to you for the first weekday in about 4 months.

I know; shame, right?

If I want to help Mindset Rx’d with its mission to provide world class mindset coaching to the entire functional fitness community, slip ups like that will not help.

As you know, consistency is what takes you closer to success, whether trying to change the fitness world for the better or transform your athletic potential.

Consistency matters in nutrition. It matters in training. It is essential in recovery. It’s even important in relaxation.

Consistent Elegance is the path to growth as we like to say.

So why did I slip up? I tried using a new project management tool to keep me accountable. It was shiny. It came with all the bells and whistles. It promised to keep me on track and on time.

A big step up from my Google Sheets monstrosity.

I have no idea why, but the new tool didn’t notify me that I needed to send an email on Monday. Or I missed the notification… or something similar. I woke up at 0200 on Tuesday morning in a panic when I realised.

The new tool was too complex. It pampered my ego to look at my swanky new app. Complexity is the enemy of execution, as Tony Robbins has said.

Here’s where this gets personal to you: how often do you over complicate your path to growth? This is just one of the self-sabotaging ways your subconscious story can guarantee stability over progress.

Do you try to nail 3 meals a day, all your supplements and your hydration when you realise your nutrition needs to improve? All when just squaring away your breakfast would have huge benefits.

Do you go full in, on an Oly-lifting program 3 x per week, when 3 minutes of the Burgener warm up before every session would suffice?

Do you try to fix every mobility issue in your body instead of the one which causes you your biggest problems?

This is the exact same problem many face in their mindset work. They try to do everything instead of the one thing which will help them.

In the Digital Mindset Gym, we begin slowly for this reason. Just 5 minutes a day at your pace initially. Eventually this becomes a 20-30 minute practice which you nearly always make time for, but it begins small.

Remember one of our key principles when you next undertake a change: Consistent Elegance.


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