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Discover Your Secret Weapon in Performance

I just had my biggest mindset “wobble” in ages.

I spent 2 months barely training my mindset. Just cruising through training. Not pushing myself, not growing.

I was not myself.

You know how that feels, right? To go for weeks at a time of not…

I’ll be the first to admit, I know the antidote - the very same mindset training Mindset Rx’d provides.

Now I’m back doing my mindset training on a daily basis, I feel great - back to crushing workouts, back to being driven, positive, and intentional with my effort.

Back to being fired up for challenge instead of hiding from it.

Back to hitting my potential every single day.

Here’s something super helpful for you to consider - you will only get mindset challenges when you have a chance to grow.

I figured this out when I first started Mindset Rx’d.

At the time, I was a PT and coaching in a CrossFit box, but with a drive to bring GREAT mindset training to athletes.

To make ends meet, I cycled 70km+ every single day to different personal training clients.

I would wake up at 04.30, cycle across London to a train station. Get on a train for an hour. Then cycle to a series of personal training clients in the local proximity.

Eventually, I’d get back to the house at 21.00, eat, get to bed, then do it all again the day after.

Whilst on the train, I would work on Mindset Rx’d - coaching athletes.

After 6 months of this, I broke down.

I remember crying on the side of the road in the rain. I wanted to quit everything.

The only thing which got me back on track was the small community of driven athletes I was working with.

The community I set out to serve, saved me.

And just recently it did the same thing once more.

This time, the 70+ athletes in the Digital Mindset Gym, and our team, are the ones to pull me back.

And that’s the best thing about what we’re doing here: our community.

You too can make the most of this: unleash your potential by surrounding yourself with people on a similar journey.


Coach Tom


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