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Leachy definitely did.

He wanted to learn to push harder, but ended up stopping and shouting at himself to get going again. If you’ve tried this before, you will know this tactic isn’t the best.

Not only does it NOT WORK.

It destroys your self-esteem and it wrecks any positivity.

You end up feeding off positivity.

But you think it should work. And after all, you are definitely frustrated, right?

Well, that’s how Leachy performed in WODs until he saw TK crushing WODs at a comp.

He was impressed at how he competed. In his words “I just couldn’t believe how he performed.” Well, this is the 4-step process we took him through to begin pushing harder:

1. Acceptance Our first step, was actually Leachy’s own work.

He realised not only that changing his mindset was essential to his growth, but also a possibility!

So many of us think we’re fixed in this way of thinking.

But Leachy realised if someone else could do it, he definitely could.

Plus, I reckon he got pretty pissed off with not being “good enough” too ;)

2. Awareness From here, we entered the most important phase.

I was speaking to my mentor yesterday and he said “with enough awareness, we can solve any problem”. That’s what we did here.

We cranked up the volume of Leachy’s internal narrative. We got him to see the emotions he was already feeling, but had switched off.

We got him in tune with his Inner Athlete.

And at this point, Leachy saw just how far you could grow with this.

3. Accountability Here, we provided the tool kit which allowed Leachy to change his behaviour.

He became accountable not only to us, the Mindset Rx’d coaches, but to himself.

He, in short, realised he had the ability to choose his reaction in any given moment.

Which means he has the potential to become the athlete he wants to become.

He got to choose not only his actions, but his mental-emotional state too.

Because of this, he began to performa as he wanted to.

He began to surpass limits. Which led to…

4. Adaptation He is adapting now. He still has an occasional slip, but he knows how to get back on track.

Other athletes are coming up to him and asking what has changed, and he can’t quite put it into words.

I get it.

Because at some level, little has changed. But at another, everything has changed.

The way you see the world changes.

How you see yourself changes.

And your relationship with intensity and discomfort changes alongside that too.

You begin to become the athlete you dream of becoming, but for some reason, you can’t put your finger on how.

Well, it comes from being guided along a structured, systemised mindset coaching process. It doesn’t come from luck.

And it doesn’t come from a lack of change.

This is what Leachy says about his time with Mindset Rx’d:

“My intensity tolerance has increased so much, I have fun and know how to approach various workouts”
“Honestly never believed I could perform at a level I am, to the point where others notice and comment on how impressive my performances are.”

He had to overcome some serious obstacles on the way: Money Time Energy Old habits But he sure has rocked the Mindset Rx’d process. And I’m proud as fuck of him.

If you’d like to get the same kind of changes Leachy has benefited from, I want to help you do that.


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