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Kelly felt like that before she started with Mindset Rx’d. In fact, her words were “I was full of self doubt and constantly self sabotaging myself both in training and general life.

But just 10 weeks later, she’s having a completely different experience in comps and in wider life.

In her words, “I now have self belief and more confidence and have learnt to enjoy it.”

And that’s what she came for - more belief in comps and more confidence.

We’ve all been there, considering quitting a competition because the pre-comp nerves are destroying you.

You end up not being your normal self. Getting shitty with people. Comparing yourself to everyone else.

And ultimately, you don’t perform your best. You know you have more, but you don’t give it.

I hope you don’t mind me saying this, Kelly, but that’s a lot of what Kelly experienced before deciding to commit to a mindset practise & coaching.

I remember our first call.

Kelly had been put in touch through a mutual friend and we talked about all this.

How she felt like she had more to give, but couldn’t find it.

How she put so much pressure on herself to perform.

How she beat herself up when she didn’t perform her best in comps.

How she wished that in comps she could feel like she did when she was training.

So it was fortuitous that we were put in touch, because Kelly knew she needed help here but didn’t know where to look.

Personally, I’m amazed at her commitment here. Because on the call, I said I would like to work with her (I never usually say this on my first time meeting an athlete), I told her the price of 1-2-1 coaching, and then she just said yes.

In a recent message, she said “it can be costly but then most things worth having are. But this was an investment in myself…my future is worth every penny.”

Well, the good news is week by week, changes happened. She’s spending more and more time in Free Nature (if you know, you know). And she’s doing amazingly in comps.

She said:

“I have done 3 comps since I have worked with mindset RX’d and I can tell you they have been a completely different experience to previously. Don’t get me wrong I still get pre wod butterflies but I am no longer sabotaging myself. I have a completely different view on both comps and life. I now have self belief and more confidence and have learnt to enjoy it. Effort over outcome always!”

And those three words at the end are the three words you need to concentrate on to master competitions

Effort Over Outcome.

We (and Kelly too at the beginning of our journey) place too much focus and attention on achieving the outcome we seek.

This means, because human beings are negatively wired, that we only see the obstacles in our way to that outcome.

So you become negative.

You become fearful.

You for some reason cannot push as hard in WODs.

And you lose our self-belief.

Instead, if you learn to focus on the effort over the outcome, you begin to make progress forwards and can:

Give your absolute best in comps.

Create HUGE self-belief.

Master your self-talk and achieve what you want in training & wider life.

If you’re reading this far, I can tell you would get benefit from the Digital Mindset Gym.

It’s a group version of the process Kelly went through, so it’s not only more affordable, but you have the accountability of the group and three Mindset Rx’d coaches alongside that.

For more information, apply here

P.s. This photo of Kelly is one I'm super proud of - look at how much she's enjoying this moment!


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