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Is Mindset Training Right For Every Athlete?

The way you train your body is preparing you for the "unknown and unknowable", whether that's in day to day life, or competition.

Your mindset determines what percentage of your physical capacity you use. Not only that, but it determines the percentage of how much of your potential you ultimately fulfil too.

Your mindset is what helps you decide on a course of action (like giving your all in a workout, or looking like you gave your all, but really holding back).

Your mindset is what helps you stick to the plan and break bad habits.

Your mindset is what helps you minimise the magnitude of the inevitable ups and downs which arise.

Your mindset is what maximises your performance when it matters most.

So you tell me, do you need to train your mindset?

Or is it just as important as training your body?

We have a equation which sums this up:

Performance = physical capacity x mindset


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