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Make Today Count & Reap The Rewards Forever

You're always training your mindset, whether you know it or not.

Every behaviour you perform, every thought that crosses your mind, every emotion which colours your life, predicts your future.

You're the only one in control of these, so choose carefully.

If you want to be an average athlete forever...

  • Use crappy self-talk

  • Imagine yourself failing

  • Let your technique slide

  • Turn a blind eye to your mindset

But if you want to unleash your potential...

  • Be purposeful with your actions, and mindset

  • Train your mindset with dedicated programming

  • Move like you care

  • Use serving self-talk

  • Aim up

  • Think and act for long-term growth, not short-term ease.

The author James Clear wrote "every choice you make is a vote for who you will become". The same goes for athletes:

Every behaviour you perform is a vote for the athlete you will become.

What's more, your behaviours start with your mindset. So get a handle on that and you will find new levels of performance.


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