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Nutrition Struggles? Start with Self-love, Confidence & Compassion

You’ve been tricked.

Self-love, confidence, belief, compassion, and better energy are not the product of mastering your nutrition; they’re the starting point.

The real reason you haven’t found that lean, athletic body that you know is a possibility for you, isn’t because you don’t know how to get it, it’s because you don’t believe you deserve it.

Sure, some people will self-loathe themselves into a leaner physique, but they’ll either bounce straight back to their starting point, or be crippled with even deeper set mindset issues.

Change comes from self-love.

Even discipline comes from self-love, not hate. Willpower happens when you want the best for yourself, truly, deeply and you don’t despise who you are now.

When we say that change starts within, this is what we mean.

If you’re ever going to have the body you dream of, the nutrition habits which set you up for success, or the relationship with food you desire, you have to first learn to find a place of compassion, confidence, and self-love.

If you want to break the endless loop of emotional eating, you must find first forgiveness and empathy.

If you want to develop discipline and willpower, all whilst actually feeling good about it, you must learn to love yourself.

If you want to fuel yourself like you know you should, you must master your mindset first.

Another nutrition program won’t help.

“A fresh start” won’t last.

More self-loathing definitely won’t help you either.

You must learn to love yourself if you’re ever going to treat yourself as if you’re worth loving.

The real question is never: “what macros do I follow?” The real question is something like: “do I feel like I deserve this? Do I feel worthy enough to choose the hard, but right option.”

It’s for this reason, that in September, we’re running another of our exceptionally popular and effective Nutrition Rx’d courses. 

In this affordable, two week course, we’ll show you how to master your nutrition the real way. We’ll set you up for long-term success and give you the tools to love yourself and to help yourself.

I want to give you priority access to spaces on this course. We only work with a small number of athletes at one time, so that we can help you personally, deeply, and effectively. To pre-register your interest and get priority access, simply email with the subject line "interested in Nutrition Rx'd".

It’s time to take the first act of self-belief and self-love, and seek out a better future.

Email now and take ownership of your future.


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