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The 5 Components of Mindset

You've heard about the 10 components of fitness from CrossFit: agility, strength, power etc.

But have you ever stopped to think about the components of mindset?

In other words, what do you actually focus on to train your mindset?

How do you put the mental reps in?

Here are the 5 components of Mindset:

Testing: you have to continually test your mindset. Great athletes know their mindset limits because they frequently test them.

Aiming Up: next, you need a comprehensive vision of what you're aiming at. Not only your goals like snatch weights and 5k times, but they type of person you need to become to get there. The latter is more important.

Presence: An untrained mindset is distracted and unfocused. A trained mindset is rarely inattentive, and they always have the presence to remain in control. You need to train yourself to be present.

Proof: Mindset change is about changing the subconscious story you believe. An essential way of doing this is doing things which prove that story wrong. Your mind will then be able to look at new evidence and assess what is correct.

Sport-Specific: Finally, you must have your pre-lift, pre-WOD, and pre-comp routines nailed down. You must be able to mentally reset in the middle of a workout.

Mindset doesn't have to be complex. You just need to follow a system.


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