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The Holy Grail of Goals & What Goals NOT To Set

Here’s something controversial. You should spend less time focusing on your goal when setting it.

A bad goal to set is one which just gets an outcome you want.

An okay goal to set is a goal which gets you what you want and taps into your motivational drivers.

A great goal to set does all the above as well as teaching you skills which you can apply to other goals you set yourself.

Aim for a snatch PR because along the way you will learn focus, dedication, and attention to detail; traits which will not just help you compete at a higher level, but help you in your career to boot.

Set your sights on taking on board three more PT clients & you’ll hopefully increase your impact whilst becoming more confident and able to handle criticism.

Fix your imbalances and injuries because you’ll not just set yourself up for optimal performance, but learn self-care and consistency along the way. Apply these to your the rest of your training and life, and you’ll certainly excel.

Think about it this way. The game you’re playing (get a stronger squat, get leaner...whatever…), is nestled in a wider game (become a great athlete or the healthiest version of you). That in turn is just a part of an even larger game (be a good person).

The holy grail of goals is one which applies to all levels of your life.

A bad goal to set is one which only affects things at one level (or even negatively affects the other games you’re playing).


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