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The Problem With Your Mindset Is...

If you’re not where you want to be with your performance, you probably have this major mindset problem. That problem is getting in your own way. Or more precisely, having beliefs which unknowingly destroy your chances or progress. Here’s the thing to bear in mind: If you believe you’re capable of success, growth, and reaching your potential nothing can stop you. If, however, you doubt your success and fear change, nothing can help you. If you glossed over those two lines, read it again. ^^^ If you do believe in yourself, you will always take the actions which serve your success. If you take those actions, you’ll reach your potential quicker and with less resistance. You’ll also be quicker to own up to where you’re going wrong (as you’ll be more willing to accept negative feedback). So you’ll spend less time sabotaging your own growth. Lack that self-belief though, and you’ll forever be harbouring doubts, second guessing yourself, and letting outside life interfere with your growth. This is the reason why so many athletes waste their potential: Their beliefs don’t line up with their dreams; so they remain just that - a dream. Our famous AMWAP exercise is so effective in this domain: it is designed to help you create beliefs which serve you whilst dropping the beliefs which hinder you. We teach you how to execute this in the AMWAP module of our free online course: Unleash Your Potential. Click here for access. I truly believe you are capable of far more than you give yourself credit for. So unbound yourself and take a step today toward who you have the potential to become.


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