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Who Are The Best Mindset Coaches For CrossFit Athletes?

The functional fitness world is coming to its senses when it comes to mindset training. Finally there are a number of coaching services and resources for you, whether you’re a CrossFitter, fitness racer, or obstacle course racer.

When you hit a block around lifting heavy and you don’t believe that you can hit the lift…

...if outside life is interfering with your training…

...if you’re comparing yourself endlessly or struggling with negative self-talk…

….or if you’re just ready to reach your next level and unleash your potential…

...there are finally solutions for you.

Whilst I firmly believe what we at Mindset Rx’d offer is truly exceptional, our mission isn’t for you to join Mindset Rx’d. Our mission is for you to move through your plateau and reach your next level of performance.

So with that in mind, I want to give you a list of mindset coaches who work with CrossFitters who may be able to help you.

*This is a list which will evolve. So let us know if there are any coaches or services we missed.

**Another note - I have never used these services personally, these are just from recommendations and experience in the industry.

Ben Bergeron/Comp Train

Ben Bergeron’s book Chasing Excellence really opened up the conversation around mindset for functional athletes and is a great introduction to the topic.

Ben also has a fantastic track record with getting athletes to the podium of The CrossFit Games. I know the topic of mindset is talked about frequently, but I’m unsure if they offer a dedicated service.

Driven Mind

Formerly known as MentalityWOD, Driven Mind is a service created by Dawn Fletcher. Dawn is perhaps the longest standing coach in our Community and has appeared on podcasts like Barbell Shrugged.

Between The Ears

Bill Anthes is a former Green Beret and mindset coach. He owns Between The Ears and is a CF-L3. There is also a Between The Ears Gym in New Jersey.

Limitless Coaching

Limitless is co-owned by Emma Hackett and Lauren Tait. They offer individualised coaching and seminars for functional athletes looking to train their mental skills.

CrossFit Mayhem

CrossFit legend Rich Froning’s gym CrossFit Mayhem has a service called Mayhem Mindset. This is run by Jim Hensel who has a strong focus on finding athletes’ core values.

Mindset Rx’d

And around to us. Our aim is to help you unleash your potential. We mainly do this through our flagship program, the Digital Mindset Gym.

We work with elite athletes like Brent Fikowski, Alison Scudds, and Mary Beth Prodromides, as well athletes competing at a more grassroots level, probably like you.

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